Money: Who Needs It?

When we were little, a box of Lifesavers at Christmas was a bid deal because there was so much candy in one place. The teen years brought about movies and game rooms. Mom or Dad always had a chore for us to do so we could earn a few bucks.
Fast forward to present day and the price tags on clothes, grocery items and basic necessities increased way beyond a couple hours behind a lawn mower. So how do you make ends meet? How can you afford to pay your kids to do a few chores and still pay for the gas in the mower, the dog food and a gallon of milk? That is the question facing millions of people every day.
The best thing to do in this situation is to teach your family how to be independent. Plan for a garden, even if it is a few tomato plants growing in containers. Repurpose clothes by painting designs or dyeing them a different color. Make things from scratch, such as that seasoned rice mix or the biscuit mix. Invest in a motorless lawnmower that works without gasoline, to keep a manicured lawn trimmed to perfection. Use the clothesline instead of the dryer. And cook your own dinner instead of ordering takeout.


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