Weddings on a Budget


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My daughter and son-in-law are partaking in wedding preparations for a family member getting married on Halloween. The wedding service is a closed ceremony but the reception guest list keeps growing and looks like a fun time for all invited. The obstacles facing the couple are the same as any newlyweds in these times of economic hardship and the reception put off several times over the past couple of weeks due to lack of funding. This brings me to a point I want to make  for those considering postponing wedding and reception plans. Think Cheap!

The wedding dress is always a tremendous expense, but with some searching you can find several thrift stores that specialize in wedding gowns. Even the Goodwill thrift stores carry a selection of gowns for a very reasonable price. If the gown doesn’t fit just right, ask a family member or friend who sews to help form-fit the dress.

The bride‘s maids always get stuck with a dress they will wear only one time and may never see the light of day again. Solve the problem of buying matching dresses and allow them to coordinate an outfit that matches your wedding colors. White blouses and pink skirts or simple black dresses with a colored ribbon as a belt lets the women have an outfit they can wear again and again but won’t break the pocket-book.

Forget about tuxedos and top hats. Dress the groom’s men in black suits with matching shirts or vests. Set the groom apart by dressing him in a white vest and shirt. You can color coordinate the mens shirts with the ribbon on the women’s dresses.

Use fresh flowers from the garden for bouquets and boutonnieres when they are in season. Silk flowers work well for the corsages and nosegays as well. You can add ribbons, beads and tulle to make the floral arrangement as fancy or as simple as you prefer.

There is really no need to decorate for the wedding ceremony if it is held in a conventional setting. Most of the guests will not even notice if there are no giant bows marking the start of each row of seats. For outdoor ceremonies, lots of ribbons, bows and flowers work well and can fill a large space for little money. Create an arch out of PVC pipe and anchor it to the ground with wire. Cover the arch with balloons or tulle and twinkle lights to hide the PVC.

I’ll save the ideas for a reception on a budget for another post.


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